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Den store CES konference i Las Vegas samler i disse dage verdens teknologi freaks. Hvis man lavede antropologisk arbejde i det miljø i dagevis vil der tegne sig et mønster af konferencegående nørder som en varieret art. Vi genudsender her sidste års Elektronista CES “Kend din nørd-guide”. Oprindelig bragt som et engelsk blogindlæg. Og så understreger vi lige at vi virkelig har stor kærlighed og respekt til verdens nørder. Bidrag med yderligere nørdtyper meget velkomment i kommentarfeltet.

This week the number of techies/geeks/nerds/fanboys in Vegas is substantial. Don’t know what they look like? Not to worry. We are here to help you navigate. We have compiled this “rip -out- and- take- with- you” guide to geek spotting on the Las Vegas Strip and in the convention center. And yes- we sadly conclude, that most nerds are men.

Look for these 5 nerd types:

1. Average Joe Nerd:  This nerd is the muscle power on the industry and he is not alone. You will see Average Joe Nerd wearing high waist jeans or khakis, a logo polo shirt or short-sleeved shirt. He moves around in comfortable shoes and sports some kind of random haircut. You might also recognize Average Joe Nerd on his leather belt mobile phone purse. In his job Average Joe Nerd is usually pretty hands on with technology. You can strike up a conversation with Average Joe Nerd if you speak code.

2. Charismatic Nerd: Here you see an individual that despite his modest looks to his followers comes across as an almost spiritual being. Spot Charismatic Nerd wearing a black turtle neck shirt, sneakers or in some cases Adidas sports sandals. Here we see the jeans again- but count on them being Levi’s and a not-so-cool number. The older Charismatic Nerd might have a little beard- only stubbles! Not a full beard- save that for Star Wars fans who aim to look like Chewbacca. The Charismatic Nerd is often an older, wiser and richer nerd that should be able to afford better clothes. Sometimes however he is young and just doesn’t give a shoot. The Charismatic Nerd is a tech celeb and you can find him in keynote sessions and in tech magazines.

3. Hipster Nerd: This guy aims to look cool while nerding it out building mobile applications, creating computer games or working in social media and marketing. Find Hipster nerd in loose jeans, over sized t-shirt with some kind of ironic but cool text. Hipster Nerd wears expensive sneakers and glasses with square black frames. He usually carries around a Crumbler bag stuffed with gadgets and stuff for his fixie bike.

4. White-collar Nerd: Here is the glue that ties everyone in the industry together. White-collar nerd is a sales man and even if he also often wears the universal nerd clothing piece- jeans, he upgrades them with a short sleeve checkered shirt and a blazer jacket. Wearing anything but this uniform might throw White-collar Nerd into an anxiety attack.  Find White-collar Nerd in gadget show booths and at Nokia, IBM and Microsoft parties.

5. Boss Nerd: Here is a man with power. Boss Nerd is not really a nerd, but a businessman that stumbled across the technology business. Boss Nerd feels comfortable in a well-fitted suit, white shirt and a tie. Boss Nerd might be working in technology but he still wears a wristwatch. Boss nerd has a hard time making conversation with Charismatic Nerd who might match him in power but exceed him in originality. Find Boss Nerd in the business papers commenting annual reports.

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